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You’ve probably already realized it - weddings aren’t cheap! Traditionally the parents of the bride would have paid for the whole shebang, but in modern times that isn’t the case. The majority of engaged couples now opt to pay for the wedding themselves in it’s entirety or share the costs with their parents. With the cost of the average wedding now over $25,000 it is important that you start saving & budgeting as early as possible.

If your dream wedding is a big, traditional affair with all the bells & whistles, then you should sit down & work how long it will take you to save up enough money to afford it. Take some time to research prices for the larger expenses such as the ceremony, reception & honeymoon. This will give you some idea of the total cost of your wedding. Make sure you include everything you want, from horse drawn carriages to fresh rose petals for the flowergirls to scatter, that way if you find the total figure way out of reach you can trim it down by eliminating some of the non-essential items from your list. Once you have got your list, work out your budget & how much you save every month towards it. Divide the wedding budget by the amount you can save each month to discover how many months it will take you to save up for it.

If you want your wedding on a certain day in the year rather than an extravagent wedding, then base your budget around that date. Add up the months until that day & then work out your monthly budget. Once you have a figure for the amount you can set aside each month multiply it by the number of months you have available. This will give you a wedding budget to work for.

If you are concerned by your wedding budget then it is a good idea to prioritize each wedding expense. Doing this will help you decide if something should be dropped from the wedding or done cheaper. For example, you wanted a six tier cake but are quite happy to go for two tiers & some plain cutting cakes to make up the difference, or you will happily serve champagne for the toasts but serve sparkling wine as a welcome drink.

It will always pay to shop around for the best deals, even if your budget is large. Finding the best deals can save you money & allow to include things that you may have originally discounted because of cost. Look around local vendors & bridal shops as well as researching online for good deals & best prices. Try to compare all offers as the cheapest may not necessarily be the best. Paying a little bit more may actually give you more for your money.

Good financial planning is an essential part of the wedding planning process. Whether you plan your wedding around your budget or wait until you have saved enough money for everything you want, drawing up a strategy for your budget is important to avoid any disappointment or unnecessary stress.

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