6 Financial Mistakes Couples Make


MSN has an article about the 6 financial mistakes that newlyweds make. Reading through it, I realized a lot of the same tips could apply to any couple that lives together, newlywed or not. And really, some of these things are good for everyone to keep in mind.

According to the article, the 6 things to avoid are: 

1) Keeping Money Secrets
2) Not Having A Budget
3) Giving One Person The Financial Reins
4) Dragging Debt Down The Aisle
5) Sweating The Small Stuff
6) Failing To Plan For An Emergency

Have you noticed any other mistakes couples tend to make? What are they?

URL: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/CollegeAndFamily/LoveAndMoney/6-money-mistakes-newlyweds-make.aspx?page=1

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