A Few Reasons To Make Money Without A Job

Freedom of...

  • Time
  • Choices & Possibilities
  • Travel & Exploration
  • Living life the way it was meant to be lived

How many people would like decent time to spend with their families, quality time to spend with their children, time to give back to their community in big ways?

How many people would like to not be a slave to their boss for the better part of their waking lives? If a job provides money for little more than mere survival, is not life more than survival?

Many people are just existing when they long to be living. Just because 95% of the American population lives this way, does not mean that you have to! You can depart from the crowd,
seek your own path, and live the life that you dream of living. The wonderful truth is that because we live in a free country, we can do this! Let's be different from the crowd! Let's actually exercise our freedom!

It starts with a decision... not just a wish - but a full, complete, decisive decision. Once a real decision is made, you will find a way or make it yourself. Nothing will stop you, hence the definition of decision.
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