Think Differently About Money

How The Poor Think

· A solid source of income and I'll have security!

· Use my own money.

· Get paid for time.

· Failure means I should quit.

· Greedy: gotta keep it all for myself.

How The Rich Think

· Multiple sources of income and I'll have freedom!

· Use other people's money.

· Leverage time. Get paid for results.

· Failure brings me closer to success!

· Generous: wanna help others.

Popular Job Myth

If the myth of going to college to be financially independent through getting a good job had any truth to it, then college professors would be making lots more money than they are. Most people with jobs are not free. They are ruled by their job, their boss, their bills and other circumstances in spite of living in a country that was founded on the very principles of freedom!

Did You Know that...

If a poor person suddenly receives a million dollars, for example wins the lottery, they generally go broke within a year. If a wealthy person goes broke and everything is taken away from them, they will usually be wealthy again within a year.
A wealthy person thinks differently than a poor or middle class person. Therefore in order to become wealthy, one must learn to think like the rich. There is an excellent best selling book on this subject by Robert Kiyosaki called Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! This book comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a solid place to start in changing the their financial future. Start with changing the way you think.
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